Revitalizing Supersonic Air Travel: A Case Study on Boom’s Website Development

In the realm of supersonic air travel, a field once dominated by the legendary Concorde, stagnation had become the norm. Enter Boom, a visionary company seek...


In the realm of supersonic air travel, a field once dominated by the legendary Concorde, stagnation had become the norm. Enter Boom, a visionary company seeking to breathe new life into this industry. This case study explores how a revolutionary website, developed on WordPress and React Native platforms, played a pivotal role in reinvigorating an industry poised for a comeback.


Boom faced the daunting task of revitalizing the supersonic air travel industry, reminiscent of the Concorde Era. The key to unlocking this potential was not just in engineering marvels but also in showcasing these advancements through a digital platform that resonated with a modern audience.

Design Process:

Embracing a methodical approach, the redesign journey commenced with comprehensive stakeholder interviews, followed by meticulous market research. The insights gleaned laid the foundation for a series of wireframes that outlined the structure of the new digital experience. A user interface was crafted, infusing the brand’s warmth into a sleek, modern design, followed by a series of prototypes that brought the concept closer to reality. The development phase wove together design and functionality, with quality assurance as the icing on the cake, ensuring a flawless finish.

Solution: A Futuristic Online User Experience

Our team, equipped with extensive experience, embarked on a web development initiative to create a site that wasn’t just informative but also experiential. The approach included:

  1. New User Experience: Crafting a digital journey that was intuitive, engaging, and reflective of the cutting-edge nature of Boom’s offerings.
  2. Personalized Customer Journey: Implementing features that catered to individual preferences and needs, ensuring a unique experience for every visitor.
  3. Seamless Experience Across All Assets: Ensuring consistency in design and functionality across all digital touchpoints.
  4. Client Self-Serve Content Creation: Empowering Boom to manage and update their content dynamically, keeping the site fresh and relevant.
  5. Partnership Highlights: Featuring collaborations with industry giants like Virgin and JAL, underscoring Boom’s credibility and reach.
  6. Animation Showcasing Engineering Marvels: Utilizing multimedia elements to highlight the technological advancements and superior design of Boom’s aircraft.


The result was nothing short of spectacular. The website not only received critical acclaim, being featured in prominent news platforms like CNN and Business Insider, but it also played a crucial role in reviving hope and excitement in the supersonic air travel industry. More importantly, it catapulted Boom’s branding and reputation to new heights, establishing them as a leading force in the aviation sector.


The success of Boom’s website development project stands as a testament to the power of digital platforms in transforming industries. By combining technological expertise with a deep understanding of user experience, our team was able to create a digital gateway that not only informed but also inspired. As the supersonic air travel industry continues to evolve, Boom’s website remains a beacon of innovation and a catalyst for change.

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